Shri Hariswarupdasji Swami


Hariswarupdasji Swamiji possessed sweet persona, with a pleasant behaviour, along with it Swamiji had a deep knowledge about the Sanskrit language. Many saints took lessons of Sanskrit from Swamiji and people from far distant villages used to visit Swamiji just to listen to his sermons and preachings. The teachings of Swamiji touched the hearts of the people. Swamiji in his preachings used to describe God in a very splendid way. In people used to feel heavenly pleasures, the presence of Swamiji and his sermons. Hon’able Swamiji dedicated his entire life in the service of ‘Swaminarayan and His Saints and devotees,’ and because of his immense devotion towards Lord Swaminarayan, Swamiji experienced many miracles in his life.

It so happened that once in the month of hot summer, Swamiji Hariswarup Dasji along with devotees started his journey for Mansa_(a village of Saurashtra), and on the way, they kept on singing Holy Choirs of Swaminarayan. As it was a scorching hot day, the devotees felt quench for thirst. Unfortunately, there was no sign of water nearby, even the rivulet dried completely off. There was no hope for water. Even though Swamiji asked his devotees to dig small portion. The devotees dug upper portion of the soil. To their amazement, clean and pure water was surfaced. Swamiji and all the devotees quenched their thirst. After this, they all started again for their journey and suddenly one the devotees looked back to have a glance over the small puddle which was dug by them to avail the water, but to their surprise, there was no sign of water and it was disappeared and found puddle completely empty. The followers told about the disappearance of the water from the puddle, at this Swamiji smiled and said,” This is all the miracle and blessings of Lord Swaminarayan.”

Hariswaroop Dasji Swamiji came to know about his departure from this worldly life earlier.He said his last words with immense feelings,”Dharmacharan Swami, now I am going to teach you the last lesson of Sanskrit.” By saying this he went in the room where there is not much sunlight, he opened the window and slowly fell on the pillow. His mortal body deported from the world and rested in Akshardham without any kind of body pain from the diseases.