Sanstha Activities

With the inspiration of P. P. Sadguru Shri Harivallabhdasji Swami, Swaminarayan Mandir - Amroli have initiated various activities to enlighten the lives of devotees of Bhagwan Shree Swaminarayan.

On every Saturday, kids get together to have purity of life, knowledge of sect and the way to study and religious Sanskars (Code of conduct).

On every Saturday, youth assembly is held. In which youngsters are given remarkable guidance such as self-confidence, righteousness, sense of duty, non-intoxicative life, religious sanskars.

On every Ekadashi (11th day of Hindu month) women devotees hold sabha and they perform devotional Kirtan-Bhajan and Seva. Mahila Mandal also organizes Saptaha Parayan (scripture reading), religious gathering and thus they strengthen the religious Sanskars.

Dedicated saints and devotees prepare artistic and wonderful Hindolas from the second day of dark half of month Ashad to second day of dark half of month Shravan.

On the occasion of the birthday of Lord Swaminarayan Bhagavan (Hari jayanti, Ram navmi) saints and devotees move in the form of a procession in different sectors in the early morning chanting Swaminarayan Dhoon.

On the occasion of the holy Shravan month and annual day of the temple, group Mahapuja is held wherein devotees are allowed to participate in invaluable Mahapuja. There is no charge for this Group Mahapuja.

Swaminarayan Maha-Mantra-writing notebooks are also available here.

Brilliant students who come to the Temple regularly, are encouraged by giving gifts and prizes as incentive.

In Surat and surrounding villages, saints make people free from any type of addiction by organizing lectures.

Arrangements of Satsang congregations are done in Surat and surrounding villages.

Temple saints selflessly serve the sect by reading Saptah-Parayan (Scriptures reading) in different parts of the country.

Arrangements to travel to holy places of the sect and other sacred centers are made at concessional rates without any kind of benefit margin.